Wood finish ABS sheets

Wood finish ABS sheets are specialty developed ABS sheets with wooden effect on it. These sheets are available in plain colors and with wood effect. Wood finish ABS sheets are high chemical resistance and its moisture absorption is only 0.008 percent. They are waterproof, weatherproof, excellent aesthetics with good appealing colors. It is long lasting plastic. Wood finish ABS sheets do not polishing or painting. They are light in weight and no maintenance. It can be easily cut with saw, nailed and screw. They are high impact resistance, UV stabilized, termite proof and fungus resistance. They do not break or crack like acrylic sheets or PVC doors. They have a wide range of applications.

Available options

Colors: Multiple colors options are available

Maximum Width: 1600 mm

Thickness: 3.00 mm to 7.00 mm

Size: Rolls or Cut to size as per requirement Surface

Finish: Embossed, Glossy, Matt & Plain