High Impact Polystyrene

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is one the most popular type of plastic which used widely in the world. HIPS is a versatile, economical and impact-resistant plastic that is easy to machine and fabricate. HIPS is often specified for low strength structural applications when impact resistance, machinability, and low cost are required. HIPS sheet has marginal resistance to impact and tearing, although it can be modified with a rubber additive to improve its durability.

HIPS sheets (also available in roll stock form) are especially suitable for form-fill-seal, thermoforming and die cutting applications. HIPS sheets low residual volatile make it particularly useful in packaging for taste-and-odor-sensitive products.

It is frequently used in machining pre-production prototypes since it has excellent dimensional stability and is easy to fabricate, paint, and glue. HIPS is perfect to be formed for demanding end-use applications in the food, dairy, and medical packaging industries. The properties ensure compliance with strict food and medical regulations.

Available Options

Colors: Metallic & plain

Maximum Width: 1600 mm

Thickness: 0.2 mm to 7.00 mm

Size: Rolls or Cut to size as per requirement

Surface Finish: Embossed, Glossy, Matt & Plain